Service Employees’ International Union (SEIU) was founded in 1921 when building janitors in the United States formed the Building Service Employees International Union. Since that time, workers from diverse countries and backgrounds have opted to join the SEIU family. This diversity is also reflected in the membership as workers employed in the private, public, and industrial sectors have chosen SEIU as their representative Union. The SEIU currently has approximately two (2) million members across North America.

In Canada, SEIU represents approximately 100,000 members. SEIU represents members who work for school boards, home care agencies, hospitals, special care homes, retirement homes, emergency services, social services, and municipalities, among many others.

SEIU members include bus drivers, janitors, teacher aides, clerical staff, caretakers, group home workers, addictions counselors, licensed practical nurses, special care aids, day care workers, and ambulance personnel, to name a few.